San Miguel de Allende Mexico Studio Airbnb

Art City: San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

After our adventures in Puerto Vallarta, we were ready to slow down the pace for the remainder of our trip. Cate and Judson’s studio was both beautiful and functional and it was built with their guests’ comfort in mind. They’re retired artists (sculptor and painter) and their home reflects the amount of attention they paid

Puerto Vallarta Mexico Airbnb Hotel Resort

Reserva Natural at Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

 The most memorable thing at Puerto Vallarta is the endless beautiful blue ocean that seemed to stretch on forever. Reserva Natural is located on a mountain that is about a twenty minutes walk from the beach, Punta Negra, and the downtown area. It is a beautiful place owned by a couple, Nahiely and Alex, who

Clear Waters In Phuket

Traveling makes me happy because it makes me feel alive. Waking up in a different city never fails to remind me to live outside of my comfort zone and to strive for dreams that seem impossible. Being content isn’t enough for me. I’ll walk the road towards happiness, one city at a time. ☆ 1

Food Paradise in Taiwan

From rice rolls with soy milk to flavorful braised pork over rice, Taiwanese cuisine is simply second to none. Here are some of my favorite meals during my 3 weeks in Taiwan. 1 – Teatime at Volando Urai Spring Spa & Resort 2 – Japanese bento boxes at Rinbansyo 3 – My favorite Taiwanese breakfast –

The Doors of Tainan, Taiwan

If Taipei is the heart of Taiwan, then Tainan is definitely this country’s soul. The streets are rustic but charming and the people are beyond friendly. These are the many unique doors of Tainan that I encountered while strolling through this relaxing and laid back city. ☆ Shennong Street

One Girl In Taichung, Taiwan

There’s something about solo traveling that makes you feel invincible. Perhaps it’s knowing that nobody knows you that sets you free from other’s expectations. Or maybe, it’s knowing that you’re completely on your own that gives you the courage to do things that you were hesitant to do before. By the time you return home,

Hongdae Seoul South Korea Apartment Studio

Glass Apartment in Hongdae, Seoul

Ceiling to floor windows are an obsession of mine because I love being able to look out into the world at any given time. The glass apartment in Seoul had two walls that were almost entirely made of glass, and that made me quite a happy girl. The apartment itself is modern with minimal decor,

Guanajuato Mexico Photoshoot Couple

Wandering Picturesque Guanajuato

Sadly, we lost our phones while we were at Yelapa and Puerto Vallarta. That meant we didn’t have any cameras to record the rest of our trip in Mexico, which was heartbreaking to me. Hence, I had the sudden idea to have a photoshoot in Guanajuato so that we would have memories of our stay

Mong Kok Hong Kong Penthouse Apartment

Teal Penthouse in Mongkok, Hong Kong

  My first ever Airbnb was this special teal penthouse towering above the buildings in Mongkok, Hong Kong. It was this perfect experience that paved the way for my future Airbnb bookings. Located on the twenty-ninth floor of a high-rise building, the unobstructed view of the stunning Hong Kong skyline was the first thing that